Facts You Never Knew About Spinach!

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable confirmed as one of the least-calorie vegetables containing 23 calories per 100 grams. This vegetable contains antioxidant compounds (lutein and zeaxanthin) which help to slow down cell degeneration, delaying skin aging, and reducing the risks of cancer. This vegetable is considered to be a health super-food; it is loaded with nutrients and provides many benefits.

Have you ever wondered why the anemic are like spinach?

Spinach is a good source of iron used to carry oxygen in the blood and form the red blood cells. The World Health Organization (WHO) quotes that 25% of the population suffers from iron deficiency, a major source of anemia, including fatigue and shortness of breath. Intake of this amazing food can greatly reduce these risks.

Spinach is a significant source of vitamins C, which is a good source of energy and immune defenses. Vitamin B also present helps to reduce cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and symptoms of depression.

Confused on how to level your belly?

With spinach as a natural remedy, you will never go wrong. This vegetable has a high fiber content that makes it a dense and satisfying food hence confirmed to be a slimming diet. Additionally,it is known to help in digestion, and that is why it is called “the broom of the stomach.”

You can eat raw spinach, cooked or boiled. You should know that unlike many vegetables, this vegetable does not lose its nutritional value on cooking.


  1. Wow.. I think I should start using spinach in my salads and smoothie. So between spinach and kale which is more nutritious?

    • Hi Scott,
      It’s time to go green; add spinach on your shopping list ASAP! To answer your question, these two super-foods have almost same benefits, however, it all depends on your nutritional needs. For example, women of childbearing age may find that spinach offers more nutrients that they need, like folate and iron, whereas those who don’t get calcium from other sources (vegans, for example) may choose kale in support of their bone health. Regardless, leafy greens are an amazing addition to any diet — whether you choose kale or spinach.

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