Nuts: An Overlooked Food That Promotes Longevity

Nuts are underestimated as nutritious snacks – especially raw nuts, such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, and many more. These amazing foods are linked to lowering cholesterol, better heart health, weight control, and also lower risks of cancer. Unfortunately, few people regularly eat these foods: they represents less than eight percent of the daily intake of antioxidants.

Do you know that a small handful can pack your diet with protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals?

Macadamia nuts

The macadamia nut is a great snack that will pump you with adequate energy. Many people think that they are loaded with fat and cholesterol. However, the fat contained in this super-food is monounsaturated fat and one of the most healthy and beneficial forms of fat. If we add to the daily diet in moderation, macadamia nuts can actually promote weight loss.  Choose raw, roasted and unsalted brands. Additionally, they are an excellent source of fiber.


Like other nuts, walnuts have numerous health benefits. It has innumerable antioxidants that contain anti-cancer properties. They are also rich in protein and phytosterols that may aid in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


The hazelnut is a fruit husk. Several epidemiological studies associate regular consumption of tree nuts and oilseeds to various health benefits. The effect of consumption has been evaluated in several studies. The daily addition of approximately 70 g hazelnuts to food for 30 days will lead to a decrease in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (“bad”) cholesterol. This nut is distinguished from others by its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and rather low polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids levels.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are often considered unhealthy because of their high-fat content. However, when consumed in moderation, they offer several health benefits. They contain a small amount of saturated fat and relatively high levels of monounsaturated fat also known as “good fats.”  This delicious nut can be used both in food and cosmetics.

Cashew nuts

Originally from Brazil, the cashew nut has slowly spread to other regions, including Africa and India where they are now produced in large quantities. At present, cashew is the most produced oilseed in the world. With their crisp texture and mild, sweet taste, cashews are liked by many people worldwide.  Cashews have a low-fat, no cholesterol, high-protein content and contain a significant amount of vitamins and minerals.

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